About Cass

Starting my online journey was a matter of necessity. In Sept. 2010 I went to the emergency room feeling kind crappy. I had a ton of bruises literally everywhere, I was light headed and generally tired as hell. Little did I know I was dying. Fast FOrward a few hours and I was in ICU hooked up to a bunch of machine getting a transfusion and holding on for dear life. 2 and half weeks later I was told by my team of doctors that working my 2 jobs 6 days a week was no longer possible. Like all conditioned workers I internally started to freak out. NO WORK. Where they insane??. I was barely making it as it was. As a single mom I HAD to work those 2 jobs (someitmes 3). The only catch…it was literally killing me.

After several months of searching,  testing and plasma exchanges treatments to keep me stable, I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and a deadly platelet disorder called TTP. It could have been worse but it wasn’t all that good. After a few months in and out of the hospital it became clear that I had to change my life or lose it. While I was struggling to stabilize my health my apartment building went into foreclosure ( we got evicted). Leaving my daughter and I with no place to live, no money coming in and no plan. I had to go on public assistance, and I could not really work because I was so ill.   My confidence was kind of shot. All I had was my will to live and that was strong.

I set my sights on an apartment and then literally walked past the place everyday so the law of attraction had to give to me. I mean I made friends with the landlord and just stayed steady on my desire to live there. He gave me the apartment with no money. Then I found a simple job down the block babysitting and I was on the road to recovery. Financially and healthwise. After 2 long years remission was finally on the horizon. I was dead broke but alive. My teenage daughter and my friends had pitched in to keep this afloat and we were on our way to a new phase in this life.

I had seen people making money online but I had no real computer skills. I was just learning how to use facebook and email. The idea that people could use their computers to make money online seemed rather foreign but it was happening and I knew if I could figure it out…….I could turn everything around for me and my daughter. So my online journey began.

I dedicated my downtime to learning how to use the internet as a vehicle to find financial freedom. Online marketing in a vast world. It all seemed overwhelming. However, the opportunities are endless. I am now excited for what life holds in store for me. There is alot to learn, its ongoing but I have learned a ton of things about marketing online.  The best thing I learned is that I am much smarter and stronger that I ever thought possible. With consistency and dedication  for the craft of being a valuable marketer,  I can help myself by helping others. 

Took sometime but I found out what the “secret sauce” was. I realized that regular people like you and me can have time freedom and financial freedom. All it takes is some sweat equity and if you are smart,  a good coach or mentor. I am well on my way to my first 6 figure year and you can do it too!



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